March 11, 2018

Feb News: Cold & Flu

It’s Cold and Flu Season!

Last month, we did some research and found an herbal formula that not only works to combat EBV, but a host of other viral ailments as well. You can read more about Herbal AVR here: You can also purchase Herbal AVR from us! Stop by the clinic today to pick yours up, or contact us about shipping options.

This month, we shed some light on the nasty germs causing the flu and how to prevent them. Also, we have the answers for your top acupuncture questions.

Scot’s nonprofit that supports veterans and their families has taken off! We have some exciting action items in the pipeline for VACC, and can’t wait to share them with you. You can support our military by connecting them with this tremendous resource. Check out Veterans Acupuncture Center of Colorado on Facebook and share our page. You never know who you will help find us that needs us the most.

As always, we wish you health and hope to see you soon!


Scot & Stephanie

Scot Somes, LAc. 303.810.9255
Steph Somes, LAc. 720.560.5215

You never have to wonder when the “cold and flu season” is around the corner.  Big Pharma will be sure that you are reminded of its impending arrival no matter where you turn.

I’ve compiled the most common questions and I noticed one distinct trend—there are a lot of questions about the needles.  Some of you must be nervous about getting needled!

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