We are in network with Cigna Insurance!

As of 3/10/2015, we have joined the Cigna Healthcare Network! In addition to Cigna, we are in network with Aetna and United Healthcare! With this additional in-network insurance company, we will be able to help more insurance patients meet their health goals!!  We are working on additional companies every month.

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Why Center for Integrated Eastern Medicine is the Best Clinic in Denver Metro Area

Why our team is the best!

Welcome to the Center for Integrated Eastern Medicine! Meet our Team and discover the best acupuncture clinic in Colorado! Why We are Unique and the Best There are several reasons that make your treatments unique at our clinic and separate us from western medical services and other acupuncture clinics:    You receive […]


WHAT’S IN YOUR CARTON? If you’re like most people, before buying eggs at the grocery store you open the carton to check for broken shells.  You’re probably not too surprised when you come across a cracked egg or two and you simply continue your search, rendering the previous carton useless.  […]


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Acupuncture Treats Sciatic Pain 1

Sciatica, Low Back Pain and Acupuncture Sciatic pain or Sciatica is a very common complaint we see in our clinic. There are many reasons people experience sciatic pain.  Nearly 8 of 10 people that experience low back pain will experience sciatic pain and some point.  Pain can stem from an […]

TCM Female Infertility Treatment Theory

TCM Female Infertility Treatment Theory   I have had the privilege of working with over 25 women on fertility issues over the past few years.  The results have been amazing. Over 95% of them got pregnant, a few of them twice.  The other 2 women gave up on treatments and […]



Healthy Spring Acupuncture Tips!

Healthy Spring Acupuncture Tips Spring is a happy time. Bunnies hop about. Flowers emerge in long forgotten corners of your garden. The birds return and sing so loudly they wake you in the morning. This is not a time to be angry. But according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, being angry […]